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    Suitable for items packed in shrink film. Such as: barrel noodles, vermicelli, instant noodles, dried noodles, food boxes, milk tea, cup products, frozen products, fruit milk, mosquito coil cosmetics, clinker bottles, pan incense and other monomer shrink packaging, batteries and other automatic shrink packaging that need to be combined article.

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    The reciprocating packaging machine (patent number: ZL 1 0125108.3) exclusively designed and developed by Waldorf has been leading the industry for 2-3 years in terms of operability, stability and reliability. It is known as the industry's first "fool" packaging machine. .

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    Suitable for pillow packaging items. Such as: instant noodles, vermicelli, biscuits, membranes, ice cream, dry milk tablets, rice cakes, chocolates, medicines, syringes, magazines, soaps, agricultural products, tapes, optical discs, industrial parts, disposable consumer goods and other solid objects automatic composite packaging .

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    This machine is based on the characteristics of the cold drink industry and developed a matching production equipment for the colorful ice cream production line. The equipment adopts high-precision photoelectric detection and tracking, two-way automatic compensation, accurate and reliable, and has an adjustable end seal structure to make the product more sealed...

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